Our mission is to help more online retailers do their best selling

At home, at work and in-between.

Meet our Team

  • Chew Chew Co-founder
  • Chang Chang Co-founder
  • Hakim Hakim Software Engineer
  • William William Software Engineer

Our story

We started Ricemill in our Garage

No venture capitalists. No consultants. No office. Just brothers. Selling products online. Keen to grow. Maybe we were a little naive, but it was 2007 and few options existed for the little guy. So, we decided to stop talking and using our IT backgrounds to build the software ourselves.

After years of selling online and tinkering, we teamed up to take our warehouse to the next level. The outcome? A platform inspired by a community of online retailers, and an ongoing mantra to create better things in a better way. Now? We still sell online; we just have a system to make it easier.

Knowing who we are

We're online retailers with healthy ambitions. Yogee Toys is our online shop. It started in the garage and grew into a warehouse. It's where the Ricemill seed generated from. We make online shopping easy, and we're really upfront about it. Know and trust that we get it.

Starting a business with your brother is great. It's also really challenging. The reason Ricemill works is we know who we are - and who we're not. Online retailers and IT workers; together, we strike a good balance. We know when to hand something off, and when to take it on ourselves. It's the Ricemill culture.

Why the name Ricemill?

Ricemill to us means family. We are brothers after all. Brothers from a large family originating from Malaysia.

We were born in a small town up north where the family used to run a rice mill business.

So you can imagine, the name "Ricemill" is a tribute to our origins.

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