MyPost Business Integration is now available!

We are excited to share with you that MyPost Business Integration is now live on Ricemill!   This integration between Ricemill and MyPost Business help minimise manual data entry when creating shipping labels with MyPost Business.   What’s on MyPost integration? Compare shipping rates Batch print shipping labels Support domestic & international services Any MyPost … Read more

Shopify Inventory Management: The Ultimate Guide for 2021

Shopify inventory management

       Did you know that Shopify is used by more than one million merchants worldwide? The platform also recently hit the $100 billion mark in sales.  These are massive numbers that make Shopify one of the top eCommerce platforms globally.  If you are among the one million merchants who use this platform, you probably already … Read more

A Simple Guide to Multichannel Order Management: Essential Tips for Success

Multichannel order management

So, you have worked so hard to list your products in different marketplaces and shopping channels to reach the widest audience possible and increase your sales. You have optimized your product listings, sent out powerful email campaigns, and even published blog content to push your agenda.  You are fully convinced that potential customers can easily … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Order Fulfillment Software

Everything You Need to Know About Order Fulfillment Software

       Most people believe that a happy customer is generated as soon as an online shopper clicks the checkout button and completes their purchase. However, this is far from the truth.        In reality, this is the exact point where the most critical process of order fulfillment starts. How you handle this process determines whether … Read more

eBay Inventory Control Made Easy

eBay inventory control

If you sell your products on eBay, you understand the dreaded process of keeping your inventory in-sync with your store and how stressful it can be. Without proper eBay inventory control mechanisms, you won’t know which products you have in store and when they are out for delivery.   There is a high probability that … Read more

7 Ways to Manage Inventory and Grow Business

7 Ways to Manage your Inventory and Grow Your Business

      Running a seamless retail operation is one of the best ways to beat your competitions. With Ricemill, You make fewer mistakes and get your deliveries to your customers faster. Thanks to our inventory management methods, you wouldn’t only make more profit, but you also waste less money as you create raving and … Read more

6 Quick Ways To Improve Inventory management

Improve inventory management

Why Haven’t Aussie Small Business Owners Been Told This Fact? A quick way to improve your Inventory management seamlessly. You need an ecommerce management online tool so you can control the inventory better, save your own time whenever and wherever you want!     1. Managing Inventory With Ricemill you never have to worry about … Read more

3 Ways Order Management Software will Improve your Business

3 Ways Order Management Software will Improve your Business

      The future belongs to those in the eCommerce industry who have the least order fulfilment lead time. Almost all online retailers know this to be the truth, and  in fact, many have already progressed to providing next day delivery through the help of an order management system for eCommerce that can be automated … Read more