May 10th, 2021

5 Simple Steps of Purchase Order

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Trent Fan

Say goodbye to your manual and time-consuming purchase order process.

Ricemill is a cloud-based solution that can accelerate the workflow, eliminate labour-intensive tasks in the process and streamline purchase order and inventory management.

See how Bob manages the purchase order process while using Ricemill from end to end and to ensure your business gets the inventory from suppliers easily and quickly.

  • Bob the Product Manager

  • Kevin the Staff

  1. Review Reorder Report

    Bob is Product Manager in ABC Pty Ltd. His main duties are checking the inventory levels and reorder any products that are low in stock.

    With the help of Ricemill Reorder report, he can quickly identify products that are low in stock and can quickly convert the low-stock products to a purchase order from the reorder report.

  2. Create and Send Purchase Order

    After he completes the Purchase Order, he then emails PO to his supplier from Ricemill.

  3. Receive and Putaway

    Five days later, the purchase order arrives in the warehouse. Kevin who works in the warehouse need to check if the products received are matching PO create by Bob.

    Kevin open the PO created by Bob in Ricemill and start the Receiving process. He uses a barcode scanner to verify the products receive are correct in Ricemill. He can also easily assign the Bin Location for each product received.

    After Kevin scan all the products received, if all the products received match the PO, Ricemill will mark it Fully Received.

    Bob being notified that the PO has arrived. He then opens the PO and noticed that PO is Fully Received by Kevin. He does the final check on the PO and publishes the purchase order.

  4. Publish

    After published, the quantity will be made available for selling. Most important of all, Ricemill will automatically update inventory to all connected sales channels.

  5. Upload to Xero - BONUS

    With Xero Integration in Ricemill, Bob can upload all Publish PO to Xero directly from Ricemill.


We will put a highlight on the Reordering report, without giving it a thought, you can have the idea of which product is running low inventory and replenish it with a few clicks.

With Ricemill, you don’t have to worry about untraceable POs, endless hours of updating spreadsheets and mind-numbing data entry ever again. This is basically how an ultimate purchase order software is supposed to work. It saves time for you to focus on a more important matter, growing your business.

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