eBay Integration

Gain full control of your eBay inventory.
Ricemill syncs inventory, order & shipment across multiple eBay stores.

eBay Inventory control

Real-time inventory management for your multiple eBay stores. Keep your purchase, sales and orders in one place.

Centralise orders & fulfillment

Centralise all your sales orders on one single platform and speed up your order fulfilment process with ease.

eBay shipping and label printing

Create and print error-free shipping labels directly for your connected carriers. Automatically updates the tracking number to eBay stores.

Purchase order management

Track all of your purchases to ensure that you receive every single unit requested from your supplier.

Efficient Picking and packing

Generate a digital packing list will not only allow you to quickly find the items for the order but also an optimal walking route will be applied as a default setting.

Integrate to Xero

Allow you to have fewer manual bookkeeping tasks and easy to upload your sales invoices, order payments, COGS and more to Xero.

Make operation process at ease

Take full control of your eBay store for the whole operation process.  Ricemill centralises everything you needs and allows you to focus on the business growth.


    • Real-time inventory management. You can gain full inventory control on multiple eBay stores and avoid overselling or underselling.
    • eBay listing tool. You can easily create and upload product listings to eBay.
    • Barcode scanning system. You can eliminate picking and packing mistakes such as fulfilling wrong product or incorrect quantities with a barcode scanner.
    • Multi-carrier shipping. You can integrate with multi-carrier and Ricemill automatically assigns the best shipping option for you.
    • Reordering report. You can create a purchase order from Ricemill’s reordering report for products that are running low stock.

What's More on Ricemill?

Inventory management

Inventory management

  • Centralised product catalogue
  • Track your inventory in real time with ease
  • Full control of multiple marketplaces for seamless integration and management
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Order Management

Order Management

  • Streamline all of your order channels in one place
  • Bulk process to save time and maximise efficiency
  • Easily edit orders and view order statuses with one click
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Purchase and Supplier

Purchase and Supplier

  • Hassle-free purchases from your suppliers
  • Reports that prompt you to reorder when inventory is low
  • All of your suppliers details neatly organised
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Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack

  • Simplified batch picking with barcode scanning
  • Maximise efficiency with optimal walking routes
  • Avoid simple packing errors with dedicated verification features
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Shipping and Fulfillment

Shipping and Fulfillment

  • Integrated with the leading shipping carriers
  • Ship at the cheapest rate with the smart rule engine
  • Print shipping labels directly from Ricemill
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Reports and Data

Reports and Data

  • Identify your best-performing sales channels and products
  • Gain access to powerful sales insights
  • Ease your workload by integrating to Xero
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Make Inventory Management A Breeze?

Ricemill gives you complete control of your entire inventory and easily sells on multi-channels.

Real-time inventory control

Selling on multiple eBay stores


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