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Ricemill was built by sellers for sellers, solving the problems faced by online retailers. It automatically syncs inventory, orders and shipment across multiple sales channels, providing online retailers with operational efficiencies and comprehensive understanding of their businesses. With Ricemill, online retailers are able to save time, make better decisions and grow their online business.

Inventory Management

Centralised inventory management

Centralised inventory control so you can easily maintain an accurate record of stock levels and value.

Multichannel listings

Easily push your products up to web stores & marketplaces to reach more customers, no matter where they shop.

Synchronise Inventory Levels

A sale on one channel triggers an automatic update of stock levels on all sales channels.

Product bundling

Build bundles and allow Ricemill to manage stock counts as you sell.

Inventory location

Knows exactly where your stock is located, broken down by aisle, shelf and bin location.

Inventory history

Track the entire history of a line of inventory, showing every interaction with your stock. If stock levels are ever incorrect, getting to the root of the problem and finding out what’s happened is simple.

Order Management

Manage all your orders in one place

Ricemill order management allows you to bring sales orders from all your sales channels into one central system.

Automatic status updates

Automatically update the status of your orders across multiple channels. No more going through different platforms to update the same order status, Ricemill does it all for you.

Full visibility on the status of all your orders

Find out what has been picked, packed and dispatched at the click of a button.

Enter phone orders

Take telephone orders? Manage telephone orders through Ricemill by entering these orders manually.

Access sales reports in real time

Stay up-to-date with your sales as they happen. Get real time consolidated sales data with sales reports.

Export and import orders

Easily export all you order data into spreadsheet format whenever you need. When you’ve finished editing, it’s quick to import your orders back into Ricemill as a CSV upload.

Purchasing & Supplier Management

Generate purchase orders

Raise purchase orders, send your POs to Supplier and mark goods as received.

Cost tracking

Keep on top of supplier costs. You can enjoy full transparency over true supplier costs so you never get caught out overpaying for stock.

Receiving and putting away

Track all POs to ensure that you receive every single unit you requested from your supplier. Putting stock away to warehouse bin locations using built in Put-away Manager.

Supplier management

Keeps track of supplier contact details such as addresses and phone numbers, along with their delivery history.

Purchase order export

Completed POs data can be exported to third-party systems.

Warehouse & Fulfilment

Multi carrier shipping

Integrated with the leading shipping carriers: Australia Post, Couriers Please, StarTrack, Fastway Couriers and more.

Ship at the best rate

Automatically select the cheapest shipping option based on your available delivery methods.

Print shipping labels

It's easy to create and print shipping labels directly through the platform.

Address validation

Improve accuracy of deliveries with built-in address validation.

Picking with barcode scanning

Save time and improve accuracy with barcode picking.

Order-based picking and group picking options

Pick entire orders one at a time, or a group of orders at the same time by grouping SKUs

Reports and Accounting

View powerful sales insights

Break down your reporting into brands, suppliers and performance per sales channel. See immediately what works - and what doesn't.

Know your best-selling products

Know your best-selling products across all your sales channels and intelligently make use of those products to boost sales.

And more

Be informed and make better decisions with 20+ reports across all aspects of your business.

Turn orders into Xero invoices (Coming Soon)

Ricemill captures order data from your connected sales channels and syncs this information directly to Xero.

Track your purchases and sync POs (Coming Soon)

Create and track purchase orders directly in Ricemill and we'll automatically create supplier invoices for you in Xero.