Order Management

Manage all your orders in one central place

Do you lose track of orders from the different sales channels? Now you can manage them all on a single platform. You'll never miss an order again.

Automatic status updates on orders

Forget manually updating numbers across multiple sales channels. Ricemill automatically updates information everywhere.

Full visibility on the status of all your orders

Find out what has been picked, packed and dispatched at the click of a button.

Bulk processing

It's difficult to process orders when the order volume is high. Our central order management system gives an option to sort, filter and process orders in bulk, saving you alot of time and increasing your efficiency.

Process offline orders

Would you rather enter offline orders manually or import orders into Ricemill and lets us automatically update your orders as they come through?

Edit orders anytime

Orders can be edited at any point in time. After customers place an order, you adjust details like adding/removing products qunatity levels and price all from the one place. You can even send new invoices under the same order ID.

Send tax invoices

Email tax invoice to your customer's straight from Ricemill.

Address validation

No longer send orders to the wrong address. Increase the accuracy of your deliveries with our built-in address validation.

Sales reports

View your order reports and sales summaries at any time. Identity the areas to grow e-commerce business more easily.