Reports and Accounting

Identify your best-performing sales channels and products

Drill down on which sales channels and product lines are proving the most and least successful for your business. Access accurate financial reports for each item, using this insight to help you make even better business decisions and increase profitability.

View powerful sales insights

Break down your reporting into brands, suppliers and performance per sales channel. See immediately what works - and what doesn't. Get all the insight you need at the press of a button.

Know the value of your inventory

Estimate the up-to-date value of your inventory quickly ans easily.

Know your best-selling products

Knowledge is power. By Knowing your best-selling products across all or one of your sales channels, you can make use of the information to boost sales.

Customer analytics

Identify your top customers by revenue, units sold and lifetime value. Arrange customers by most purchase products and more. Be informed and make better decisions with 20+ reports across all aspects of your business.

Xero Accounting Integration (BETA)

Automatically place sales order and purchase order data into your accounting software without manual entry.