Shopify Inventory Management: The Ultimate Guide for 2021

Shopify inventory management

       Did you know that Shopify is used by more than one million merchants worldwide? The platform also recently hit the $100 billion mark in sales.  These are massive numbers that make Shopify one of the top eCommerce platforms globally.  If you are among the one million merchants who use this platform, you probably already … Read more

Top Trends That Will Shape the eCommerce Industry in 2021 and Beyond


        Are you hoping to get more traction to your eCommerce store, attract more traffic online, and improve your conversion rate? If your answer is “yes,” then it is critical you understand some of the latest trends that will shape the industry in 2021 and beyond.         There is no doubt that 2020 was a … Read more

Order Fulfillment: Steps and Strategies for Successful eCommerce Business

Order Fulfillment: Steps and Strategies for Successful eCommerce Business

Imagine that you are an online shopper. You come across a perfect holiday gift on an online store but the holidays are only one week away.  You see a two-day shipping option, and you go ahead to place an order for the gift knowing that the order fulfillment will take place in time. Four days … Read more

eBay Inventory Control Made Easy

eBay inventory control

If you sell your products on eBay, you understand the dreaded process of keeping your inventory in-sync with your store and how stressful it can be. Without proper eBay inventory control mechanisms, you won’t know which products you have in store and when they are out for delivery.   There is a high probability that … Read more

Tracking Inventory: Top Benefits of Choosing a Warehouse with Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management software

        Is your business still struggling with issues of lost or untraceable inventories? If so, it means that you haven’t installed warehouse management software to help you keep track of your inventory.            With an effective warehouse management system backed up with professional management and expertise, you can easily monitor every item’s … Read more

3 Ways Order Management Software will Improve your Business

3 Ways Order Management Software will Improve your Business

      The future belongs to those in the eCommerce industry who have the least order fulfilment lead time. Almost all online retailers know this to be the truth, and  in fact, many have already progressed to providing next day delivery through the help of an order management system for eCommerce that can be automated … Read more

12 Inventory Reduction Strategies to Clear Your Business of Excess Stock

12 Inventory Reduction Strategies to clear your business excess stock

12 Inventory Reduction Strategies       Ecommerce retailers find some of their most costly expenses in having excess inventory and obsolete stock.        It takes up considerable space in the warehouse, complicates your businesses cash flow and throws your supply chain management out of whack. The good news is, that there are simple ways … Read more