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"Our processes and procedures are now refined saving us precious time on a daily basis. We wasted so much money on shipping errors monthly, now with Ricemill this is a thing of the past."



"Ricemill software fits perfectly into Australia e-commerce businesses. It solved all our issues from determine the cheapest shipping method to picking items to packing."



"I think the best part about Ricemil is it syncs smoothly with all the different solution and platform we use. It just save our time and reduce the delivery error happens frequently in the past."


Ena from Fortunate One

Ricemill is a great user-friendly tool for growing businesses. Chew and the team are always ready to take feedback and help cater Ricemill to your business needs!


John from Ozimall

"The set-up was really easy and I was surprised how fast the website was loading. The supports are fantastic, they have a live chat function that can be reached all the time. The integration ( eBay, catch, etc ) is very easy to set up and use, saved me a lot of time been login to each of my accounts from different selling platform."


Daniel from Gracebaby

"Having a centralised platform that can give you real-time updated stock levels and locations, manage pick-pack and despatch processes, deliver accurate and segmented reports with ongoing support, has saved me many hours per day that I can spend on growing the business."

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Félicie from Here Comes The Sun

"My experience with Ricemill was very enriching. Not only is the software efficient but Chew, the director, was very helpful in guiding me through the setting up process. Great experience which I recommend to all professionals."


Ryan from Moda Living

"We tried quite a few similar products before we settled on Ricemill. Some were just too complicated and others didn’t have the functionality we needed. Ricemill has the right balance. In particular, the ability to manage one single inventory across our sales channels while maintaining accurate stock levels. We are so glad to have found Ricemill. It has saved us so much in time. The support is based in Australia, Chew and Chang are very responsive and helpful, not only help us fix the problems but also give us advice for other business solution."


Emma from Bluebangalow

"We started working with Ricemill at a critical time for our business. We were previously manually picking & packing orders, a practice which was proving unsustainable and prone to human error, considering the fast growth we were experiencing. The onboarding process with Ricemill was smooth. Chew and Chang were working closely with us to accommodate requests & prioritise a shipping partner integration. Our warehouse was previously not set up with locations, nor did we have the appropriate hardware to move from manual picking to automated tech driven picking. Ricemill improved our pick speed and most significantly, resulted in our error rate plummeting to next to nothing. Human verification when packing hundreds of orders daily was not working for us. We recovered the Ricemill platform fee purely from the reduction in the costs involved in fixing fulfillment errors. I would recommend Ricemill for any eCommerce business who are looking to automate their warehouse ops in order to scale, reduce their error rates and improve efficiency in order to reduce overheads."

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