Fulfilling orders using Aramex Australia

Last updated: 2024-04-03 06:07:19

Fulfil your orders and print Aramex Australia shipping labels

To start printing Aramex Australia shipping labels, you'll need to connect to Aramex Australia.


  1. Go to Orders

  2. Click on the New tab

  3. Open the order you want to fulfil.

  1. Click on the Fulfil Order button from Unfulfiled item list.

  1. Enter item's QTY TO FULFIL.

  2. Enter the Weight of your package.

  3. Enter package dimensions (Height, Lenght, Width).The available rates will show after you enter the dimensions.

  4. Optional: Enter Shipping Instructions, it will be printed on the shipping label.

  1. Select the Aramex Australia service.

  2. Click on Next

  3. Print the shipping label.

To finalise the shipments, you'll need to despatch Aramex Australia shipments.

How to despatch Aramex Australia shipments

After printing Aramex Australia labels, the final step in the fulfilment workflow is to despatch your Aramex Australia shipments. After shipments have despatched, Ricemill will upload the tracking number to Shopify and mark the orders as fulfilled.

Aramex Australia shipments can't be changed/removed after being despatched.


  1. Go to Integration > Carriers.

  1. Open Aramex Australia.

  2. Go to the Shipments tab.

  3. Select the shipments you want to despatch.

  4. Click on the Despatch shipments button.

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