Ricemill Gets Certified as an eBay Compatible Application

Ricemill is Approved by eBay’s Development Board and has passed all Compatibility Checks for Security and Compliance Standards.

This means we’ve taken the necessary means to ensure the best coding practices and safety of your experience with Ricemill:

  • Complies with eBay License Agreement.
  • Complies with eBay Site Policies.
  • Complies with consumer protection and privacy laws and eBay User Agreement.
  • Follows the OWASP Secure Coding Principles.
  • Uses the latest versions of the APIs.
  • Handles errors gracefully.
  • Does not collect eBay Username and Password from customers. Instead, uses Auth & Auth for Tokens.

Ricemill streamlines the initial upload and updates for item data, inventory synchronisation, and sales transactions between the eBay marketplace and Ricemill to eliminate slow manual processes. The platform also provides a management console that invokes business rules to proactively manage business processes and provides visibility to sellers so they can monitor orders, correct errors, and service customers quickly and reliably.

As a result of passing this application check, Ricemill is now listed in the eBay Approved Application Directory. eBay members use the Solutions Directory to find and compare solutions designed to improve productivity on eBay. With this listing, eBay members can quickly recognise that Ricemill’s software works well with the eBay platform.

About Ricemill

Ricemill is a cloud-based multichannel inventory, order & warehouse management platform that streamline online selling across multiple sale channels. It is built by sellers for sellers, solving the problems faced by online retailers. It automatically syncs inventory, orders, and shipment across multiple sale channels, providing online retailers with operational efficiencies and an aerial understanding of their businesses. With Ricemill, online retailers are able to save time, make better decisions, and grow.